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The Church of God is a worldwide, divine institution of believers committed to accepting the whole Bible, rightly divided as their rule of faith, practice, government and discipline, as the Holy Ghost has revealed it in the Scripture.

The New Testament Church of God in Trinidad and Tobago is committed to fulfilling the five-fold purpose of Her divine creation. That purpose is to seek first the Kingdom of God, to keep and guard the truth, to evangelize the world with the full gospel, to gather God’s sheep into one body, and to provide ministry for the perfection of the saints.




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    Former General Overseer Raymond Crowley Laid to Rest

    Cleveland, TN—July 29, 2015–Raymond E. Crowley was laid to rest today following a final memorial service for the former General Overseer of the Church of God. He passed away on July 21 at this home in Chincoteague, Virginia at the age of 92.

    Crowley served his calling for a total of 77 years, beginning his ministry at the age of 15. He served as an administrator with the Church of God for 34 years and as a pastor for almost 30. He was elected to the top office of the Church of God in 1986, serving for four years until 1990 when he was appointed state overseer for the Church of God in Florida. Prior to 1986, Crowley had served as assistant director and director of Evangelism and Home Missions, state overseer of Northern Ohio and pastored eight churches in four states, including the Salisbury Church of God in Salisbury, Maryland, which he founded.

    Born in Chincoteague, Crowley maintained a home on the tiny islet near the eastern shores of Maryland and Delaware all his life. In the final years of his life he returned to his home where he led a scaled back ministry of pastoring nearby churches and filling in as an interim pastor on several occasions. He was an example of genuine humility and was highly regarded for his wisdom, counseling and spiritual guidance of young ministers. In between he enjoyed the simple pleasures of hunting, fishing and boating around Chincoteague Island.

    Crowley was preceded in death by his wife of 54 years, Frances Milligan Crowley. He is survived by his second wife of 21 years, Mary, three step-children and five step-grandchildren.

    General Overseer Mark Williams delivers the eulogy of former General Overseer Raymond Crowley at the Lee University Chapel (click photo to enlarge)

    Since his death, Crowley was memorialized with a viewing on Saturday at the Holloway Funeral Home in Salisbury. A funeral service was held on Sunday at the Raymond Crowley Worship Center on the Church of God campground in Seaford, Delaware. A final memorial service was conducted at the Lee University Chapel on Wednesday, July 29 at 11:00 a.m. During the service, Crowley was eulogized by Lee University president Dr. Paul Conn and Church of God General Overseer Mark Williams. Among those in attendance at the Cleveland ceremony, including members of the Church of God Executive Committee, were the three immediate past general overseers: Raymond Culpepper (2008-2012), Dennis McGuire (2004-2008), and Lamar Vest (2000-2004; 1990-1994).

    “Raymond Crowley was a child of Chincoteague and a child of the Church of God, who became its elder statesman,” Conn said. “For a man who had no biological children, he was one of the most fatherly persons I knew and he became a spiritual father to so many young ministers…spiritual sons were his legacy.”

    General Overseer Williams reminisced about Crowley’s upbringing and his hear for the lost.

    “When Raymond Crowley spoke, you could hear his heart for the harvest…our burden must be for the lost,” Williams stated. “His was a passionate heart…a heart that was complete and totally committed to God. Farewell, and thank God for a leader after God’s own heart.”

    Following the service Crowley was laid to rest with his first wife, Frances, at Sunset Memorial Gardens in Cleveland, Tennessee.

    To carry on Crowley’s ministerial legacy, a scholarship fund has been established in his honor. Donations can be mailed to the Raymond Crowley Scholarship Fund, c/o Church of God State Office, 7127 Long View Road, Columbia, MD, 21044.

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    July 29, 2015

    Former General Overseer Raymond Crowley Passes Away

    July 22, 2015–Dr. Raymond E. Crowley, former general overseer for the Church of God, passed away at his home in Virginia last night. He was 92 and the oldest surviving former general overseer in the denomination.

    Crowley’s life is a testimony of God’s favor on a chosen servant who was born into a rural setting and rises to serve in the highest capacity of his denomination. Born and raised in the tiny seaside town of Chincoteague, Virginia, Crowley’s early experience was with the Pilgrim Holiness Church. Converted at the age of 8, Crowley began his ministry on March 12, 1937, months before his 15th birthday. As a 16 year-old teenager, he was assigned his first pastorate in Eldorado, Maryland and before he turned 20 he had pastored three churches in three states.

    After two more pastorates he returned to his roots in the Delmarva region and began a pastorate of the prestigious Salisbury, Maryland Church of God in 1946. The next year he received his ministerial licensure, followed by ordination in 1948. He led the congregation at Salisbury for 14 years before accepting the pastorate at the Canton, Ohio Church of God.

    From 1960 to 1970, Crowley’s pastoral leadership and church growth caught the eye of Church of God leaders and at the 1970 General Assembly, Crowley was appointed state overseer of Northern Ohio. He served in this capacity for the next four years until his ministerial peers elected him to the post of assistant director of Evangelism and Home Missions. Four years later he was elevated to general director of the department.

    In 1982, Crowley was elected at the general assembly, held in Kansas City, to serve as first assistant general overseer. In 1986, in the Centennial year of the Church of God, Crowley was elevated to the post of General Overseer of the Church of God and served for the next four years.

    Leaving the general overseer’s post at the age of 68, Crowley was not ready to retire, so he was appointed to the state of Florida to serve as state overseer, a post he filled until 1994. At this point in his ministry, Brother Crowley was content to return to his home territory, but while assuming he would be in retirement, “Pastor” Crowley would assume a six year pastorate of the Church of God in Pocomoke City, Maryland.

    Crowley, Raymond“Raymond Crowley was a man of the people who never forgot his roots,” stated General Overseer Mark Williams upon learning of Crowley’s passing. “The fishermen along the Eastern Shore of Maryland instilled a hope and optimism, and a work ethic that characterized his life and ministry. I never tired of hearing his stories of Chincoteague or his memories of Canton, Ohio. His mind was that of an executive, but his heart was that of a pastor. He was a pastor’s pastor and never lost his passion for the lost.”

    Phillip Morris, who served alongside Crowley as a pastor on the Eastern Shore and penned a book on the life of Crowley entitled, “Unchartered Waters,” said, “The church was changed by his (Crowley’s) call to prayer, but his greatest impact on my life was his humility.”

    “Experienced advisor, supporter, confidant, teacher, and mentor par excellence; that’s who Raymond Crowley was to me,” stated Dr. Lamar Vest, current president of the Pentecostal Theological Seminary and Crowley’s successor at general overseer in 1990. “I will forever be indebted to Raymond Crowley for teaching me the importance of celebrating the opportunity of service above the benefits of reward.”

    Tom Madden, current overseer for the Church of God in the Delmarva-DC region stated, “Dr Crowley was one of the most compassionate leaders our church has ever known. He loved God and the Church of God and would speak proudly about it. There was never a conversation we had that he didn’t tell me that he was praying for me. I knew he really was because he was a man of prayer! He will be greatly missed in Delmarva-DC.” Madden went on to say that last month at the regional camp meeting a scholarship fund was established at Lee University in Crowley’s honor. Crowley served on the Lee University Board of Directors from 1994 to 2008.

    Raymond Crowley was married to Frances through most of his ministry, including his tenure as general overseer. While serving as state overseer of Florida, Frances passed away. In 1994 he wedded Mary, who has been at his side for the past 21 years.

    “For Raymond Crowley,” Williams concluded, “there was no greater place but God’s will; no greater purpose than winning people to Jesus; no greater peace than decreasing that He might increase.”

    Funeral arrangements are pending and will be released as soon as received.

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    July 22, 2015

    76th General Assembly Is One Year from This Week

    Preparations are already well underway toward the Church of God 76th International Assembly set for this week next year, July 19-22, 2016.

    All attention will be on the city of Nashville, Tennessee as hundreds will be preparing the Music City Center for the arrival of thousands of delegates. The official opening of GA16 is set for Tuesday night, July 19 when the General Council is set to convene. However there will be some preliminary events leading up to the opening session, including the popular L.E.A.D. Conference which debuted last year in Orlando at GA14.

    “There will be lots of new and exciting aspects of this General Assembly, not to mention the fact that this is the first time a Church of God Assembly has been held in Nashville,” stated David Ray, chairman of the General Assembly Cabinet. “It has been more than 50 years since our delegates have gathered for an assembly held in the state in which the Church was founded.”

    Music City Center, Nashville, Tenn. (click photo to enlarge)

    The Music City Center (MCC) is a brand new convention site located in the heart of Nashville, not far from the Capitol building. It is constructed on multiple levels and will accommodate GA16 in a unique fashion. According to Ray, the General Council sessions will be held on the top level, with exhibits and events on lower levels, including a separate venue for the evening worship sessions.

    “Although there will several levels of activity, they will all be easily accessible and tied in by video,” Ray said. “If you’re at the exhibit hall and want to see what’s happening in the General Council, there will be an area where this can take place in the exhibit hall and in other common areas.”

    Accommodations are an important part of the General Assembly experience and several surrounding hotels have been secured for the event with discounted rates for Assembly delegates.

    “There are many beautiful properties which will make the stay at GA16 in Nashville very pleasant,” said Kevin Brooks, a member of the General Assembly Cabinet in charge of accommodations. “The Omni just opened last year and will have several hundred rooms at a special rate that can only be secured through the reservations service working exclusively with the Church of God. There will be dozens of surrounding hotels with discounted rates especially for our delegates. It will be necessary to go through the Church of God to get these discounts.” Brooks went on to say that the blocks of rooms reserved for GA16 will begin to be leased in January 2016.

    Negotiations are currently underway which will put a unique spin on dining at GA16. While there are numerous world-class eateries within walking distance of the venue, planners are looking into the latest trend in convention and downtown options: food trucks.

    “The MCC is situated in an area where multiple food trucks would be able to be on-site at meal times, allowing for a quick bite or a casual dining experience,” Ray continued. “These vendors are well-equipped to handle thousands of delegates and the menu is varied and of high quality.”

    More details on GA16 are yet to be announced, including a theme, a full schedule and keynote speakers and the General Council agenda.

    “While this general assembly will be different in a lot of ways, there will a lot of tradition that will still be in place,” Ray concluded. “New traditions introduced last year, including on-site, online and social media communications, will enhance the general assembly, which remains the staple of our fellowship and governance. Nashville will provide an exciting and effective venue to deliver this experience, so vital to our movement.”

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    July 20, 2015

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